Keith BartholomewThe University of Utah

    Associate Professor of Urban Planning

    College of Architecture + Planning

    University of Utah


    375 South 1530 East, AAC 235

    Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0370


    t: 801.585.8944

    f: 801.581.8217


Curriculum Vita

Course Descriptions/Syllabi

    People & Place I & II:  URBPL 3101/ARCH 2615

        Fall Syllabus, 2008

        Spring Syllabus, 2009

        Community Project Resource Page

    Urban Growth Management:  URBPL 5330/6330

    Planning Law & Administration:  URBPL 4260

    Land Use Law: URBPL 6260

    Community Transport:  URBPL 5720/6720

    Introduction to Transportation Planning: URBPL 4710/6710


    Land Use/Transportation Scenario Planning

Making the Land Use, Transportation, Air Quality Connection (LUTRAQ)

Integrating land use issues into transportation planning:Scenario planning, Federal Highway Administration (2005)

        Summary Report

        Annotated Bibliography

        Digital Library

Research you can use: Regional scenario plans and meta-analysis, Planning, 73(3), 38 (March 2007)

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Land Use-transportation scenario planning in an era of global climate change, TRB Annual Meeting (January 2008)

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Integrated transportation scenario planning, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA-HEP-10-034) (2010)

          Scenario Assessment & Tea-Party Planning

          Scenario Analysis & Peak Oil:  How to Prepare for an Uncertain Future

    Access Efficiency

The machine, the garden, and the city:  Toward an accessibility efficient transportation planning system, Environmental Law Reporter, 37(8):10593‐10614 (2007)

Cities and accessibility: The potential for carbon reductions and the need for national leadership, Fordham Urban Law Journal (2009)

    Values-Based Processes in Architecture & Planning

The evolution of American nongovernmental land use planning organizations, Journal of the American Planning Association, 65(4), 357-363 (1999)

The Hub: The story of the past, present, and future ofSalt Lake City's Rio Grande Depot District, University of Utah Honors Think Tank (2005)

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People & Place: Humanities-based pedagogy in architecture and planning, paper presented to The Role of the Humanities in Design Creativity Conference, University of Lincoln, U.K., November 15-16, 2007  Presentation Slides

People & Place: Communication and community development, paper presented to Erasing Boundaries Conference, City College, New York City, April 4, 2008

People & Place: Eliciting Values in Engaged Learning Contexts, presented to the 2009 Utah Campus Compact Conference in St. George, UT, Feb. 26-27, 2009

    Other Research

Policies and places in the Netherlands and the U.K., German Marshall Fund Fellowship Report (1994) Photos

Biblical and constitutional interpretation and the role of originalism in sixteenth and twentieth-century societies, Anglican Theological Review, 82(3), 537-547 (2000)

Metropolitan Utah: Making the desert bloom—with ice cream parlors and latte stands, in Utah at the beginning of the new millennium: A demographic perspective (2003)

Rail~Volution 2005 Workshop Summary Report


Land Use Law Programs at American Law Schools


CA+P Honors Program