Scholarly & Creative Achievements


   As an educator, William Miller has engaged in extensive scholarly production on the work of Finnish master architect, Alvar Aalto.  This interest has evolved into a broader interest in modern Scandinavian architectural development. Ranging from historic and chronologic assessment of Aalto's work within the larger Scandinavian and modernist context, to detailed analysis of the thematic content and meaning of Aalto's buildings, art work, and applied designs, Miller's writing and lecturing on the Finnish master has been recognized internationally as well as nationally.

   Over the past twenty years he has: Authored the definitive bibliography on Aalto; developed four monographs on Finnish architecture; produced two dozen entries on various Scandinavian architects and buildings for five international encyclopedias on architecture and design; written several dozen articles on Aalto and Finnish architecture in both internationally and nationally published books and journals; and reviewed more than two dozen books on Aalto and Scandinavian architecture for scholarly and professional journals. In addition, Miller has presented over two dozen scholarly papers on Aalto at national and international meetings, and has been invited to present more than forty lectures on Aalto at schools of architecture and professional societies throughout the country.

   Recognizing his expertise, the Smithsonian Institution invited Miller to be a study tour lecturer on their 1989 Baltic Passage educational cruise. He gave 6 lectures on Scandinavian and Soviet art, architecture, and design.

    Beginning with the 2002-2003 academic year, while Miller was on sabbatical, researching Aalto and Scandinavian modernism for a series of new papers and publications, he is also began a creative project entitled "[re]considering Aalto"; a design study examining a series of theoretical proposals for an addition to Aalto's Säynätsalo (Finland) Town Hall.  The University of Utah Research Committee has provided him with a $ 6,000 creative grant for this project.  In December 2003, Miller mounted his first exhibition of his work on this project in the I-Space Gallery in Chicago.  In 2009, Miller received two grants totally $ 8,000 from the University of Utah Research and Teaching Committees, to investigate the role of nature, tradition and tectonics in Icelandic architecture.   



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Selected Articles in Books and

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 Selected Articles in Journals
 and Magazines:

"Furniture, Painting and Applied Designs:  Small Rehersals in Alvar Aalto's Search for Architectural Form," ptah [Finland], No. 2, 2006, pp. 36-49.  ptah1.PDF

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Scholarly Papers Presented
Invited Scholarly Lectures or Presentations
Book Reviews
Professional Work Published

"Themes and Variations:  The Architecture of Alvar Aalto," The 2003 Plym Lecture, University of Illinois @Urbana-Champaign

Over two dozen presentations at scholarly and professional meetings on Aalto and other subjects.

Over 50 public lectures and presentations to architecture programs and professional meetings, nationally and internationally.  Juror for numerous state, regional, and national professional design award programs.

Over two dozen reviews of books on various architectural subjects.

Professional work published in national and international journals and monographs.













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